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Future of Manufacturing...

Towards Digitalisation Manufacturing 

Nov 14, 2018, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
LT1A, Singapore Polytechnic,
500 Dover Rd, Singapore 139651

Event Introduction

The emergence of the fourth industrial revolution has brought a renewed impetus and relevance to back to manufacturing, which was once thought to be a relatively labour-intensive industry, mostly suited for low-cost economies.

The future of manufacturing, towards digitalisation manufacturing, where companies are able to use technologies to have complete control over their entire manufacturing line, across borders and in real-time. Coupled with big data, companies are able to make predictive decisions about their production quality, quantity and even anticipate when their machines need to be maintained or repaired.

The successful adoption of these technologies will be a step towards enhancing manufacturing processes, improving productivity and cost efficiencies by optimising resources and reducing bottlenecks.  
Come hear what the industry experts have to say about this. 

Event Agenda

8.30 am:   Registration
9.00 am: Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives in SP
                (Singapore Polytechnic)
9.20 am: Machining Process Improvement with 5 axis Machine and IIoT for Machine Tools
                (Makino Asia Pte Ltd )
10.10 am: Tea Break 
10.30 am: Cutting Tools, Services and Readiness for Digitisation
                  (Seco Tools (SEA) Pte Ltd)
11.30 am: Convergent Modeling and The Art of Manufacturing
                  (Hitachi-Sunway Information Systems (S) Pte Ltd)
12.00 pm: Partnering Companies On Productivity and Training - e2i
12.30 pm: Lunch Break
  1.30 pm: Optimized NC Milling Data for Safer and Faster Machining
                  (NCB Co Ltd)
  2.30 pm: Digitalisation on Future Manufacturing
                 (Hitachi-Sunway Information Systems (S) Pte Ltd)
  3.30 pm: End of Seminar

Target Audiences

This Seminar is a great platform for technical and business ideas exchanges among industry leaders and technical experts.
This is a non-chargeable seminar and pre-registration is required. Seats will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.